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Data based decisions…

… for the chemicals and materials sector

Technology Landscaping   •   Information Analysis   •   Competitive Intelligence

Service offer for the chemical sector


Private Equity

Target Identification | Portfolio Evaluation | Trend Indication | Value Steam Analysis


Portfolio Comparison | M&A | Due Diligence | Competitive Intelligence


Business Development

LEAD Identification | Technology & Application Landscaping | Contact List Generation


Technology Evaluation | Novelty Check | Development | Pathways | Whitespace


Cost Analysis | Procurement Risk Analysis | Supplier Identification | Value Chain Analysis

HR / Talent

Talent Identification | Expert Network Valuation | Inventor Potential Analysis

When Data is interpreted by a domain aware System…

When Data is interpreted by a domain aware system, information can be transformed to create valuable insights. Primary public domain IP research and data analytics are at the core of our approach.

We believe that understanding customers, competitors, partners and market data is the best way to build a growth strategy that’s hard hitting, sustainable and deliverable quickly.

Our Approach


It’s a difference between finding information in documents and giving an overview. Our systems ability of giving complex conclusions enables you to get insights in trends in the blink of an eye. Additionally with really understand the texts instead of  using statistic methods, Whitespace becomes your powerful supporter.


Structural independece gives us the possibility to widen our view on trends and markets. Due to our unique approach, we merge different data types (such as patents, publications, technical texts, social media) to generate a new level of insights.


We work autonomous in several ways: By using public domain data only, we guarantee for fully referenced information without including trade secrets. Second, we are only processing first hand information to exclude bias. Lastly we don’t burden your resources by needing training data or making you read tons of patents.


Within our analysis, we are not forced to restrict the domain. We are proud to offer you information that is truely lossless. Every sentence is analyzed by novel algorythms, generating insights in incomparable contextual depht.